Instructions: Move your character with ASD. Jump with the spacebar.

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What makes such a fantastic 2D Shooter game for all people to master? There are three elements contributing to its attractiveness, such as physics-based gunplay, a wide range of weapons and a nice building system. Are you up for this free-for-all game that will take the Battle Royale genre to the next level? Give it a shot right now, guys! In this title, you have to kill all of your enemies on the server. Make the most out of various weapons that you find on the map to deal damage to other players. You can beat them easily with some common weapons like the minigun or rocket launcher. Also, with the knockback on the weapons, you will be kept in the air easily. No need to worry when you get stuck because, with the cool building system, you will find it easy to get out of sticky situations. Think you will become the champion in Good luck!

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