Instructions: Move your character around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse to fire, click the right mouse to dash, choose and browse through weapons at every level using the mouse.

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GunFu unblocked is a fun but competitive shooter io game online. It attracts players from around the world to come and enjoy an epic gun battle to see who will become the best. As a shooter, you have to make your way through the map trying to eliminate as many rivals as possible without taking damage from them. You are armed with some basic weapons so use them smartly to dish out damage to other players as you try to avoid the onslaught of their bullets at the same time. When you rack up kills, you can level up yourself as well as unlock brand new advanced weapons after leveling up. You should use the advanced weapons to deal even more damage, which helps you kill enemies more easily. Try not to die, otherwise, you will be re-spawned to level 0 as a starting point. Can you conquer all levels, earn the highest number of kills and become the best shooter in GunFu free game? Play it now! Have fun!

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