Instructions: Use the arrow keys for the movement, press the spacebar to place a bomb.

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STARBOMBA is a free-for-all Battle Royale game with the Bomberman style. The game contains up to 100 players in the same arena. You will compete against each other and you must defeat all of them for a chance of winning. In StarBomba, Earth has been demolished, making all races around the galaxy fight against each other for their new home. You will take control of your hero around the space arena attempting to place bombs to kill the opponents while defending yourself from the enemy’s bombs. Be sure to gather more items and use them to power up yourself, so you can kill others more easily. Keep in mind that the map in StarBomba will regularly shrink just like other Battle Royale game, also, the deadly traps are everywhere. You must avoid all of them, otherwise, you will be destroyed. There is only one player alive at the end of the match, can you be that one? Play t now!

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