Instructions: Move the mouse to navigate, Left mouse or W to attack, Right mouse or Space to merge minions Hold Right mouse or Space to devour your own members Scroll the mouse wheel or hit -/+ to zoom

Home » Free For All » is a Free For All game where you will explore a strange ocean and dominate that place with your own team. It is a title similar to the popular In which, you will begin with a tiny fish. To become the top player, you need to grow your school and build up the biggest clan as soon as possible. Firstly, swim around the area to find resources. You can eat and collect more minions that can be merged whenever to get stronger. So, you are able to meet dwellers in and invite them to join your swarm. Obviously, you will add more if you are successful in attacking your opponents. Be careful! You can be killed in case you cannot escape their counterattack despite it is regarded as a fast way to turn into a large party. Always protect the core and earn higher ranks to increase your survival ability because it is a savage match!

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