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Say hi to a new awesome Multiplayer iO game named Blockergame.com! All characters and other stuff in the game are styled as Minecraft, which gives you more excitement. There are various characters featured in the game, such as warrior, doctor, shinobi, warlock, basher, necromancer, and bomber. You can select your preferred one before launching your battle. Each of them has ...

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Conquer all tough challenges in Hexagor.io now! This is a unique and fun-addicting Strategy game online where you play against lots of opponents from around the globe. You are given a tiny home base, and you must try your hardest to expand it by vanquishing various adjoining lands. This is not an easy task at all since your base can ...

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Hopz.io is a fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game online taking you to an arena where hopping over the players is the only way for you to survive. This sounds so awesome, right? There are no fierce actions that need to be done in this game, only hopping and some awesome moves. So if you are interested in this game, then be ...

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Play Hookem.io to perform your skills and meet more players from various countries now! This is a great and highly addictive Multiplayer game online where you have to use your skills to hook the enemies and try your hardest to take their energy. This task should be done in a fast and careful way because the foes are too skilled, ...

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Play another fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game called Bloble.io now! The game will test your strategic skills and give you a chance to play with various experienced players. You will spawn into a map and start to build up your own kingdom there. Your realm is always at risk since the enemies will try to attack it if you have no ...

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In Blash.io, you will take on a role of a small creature trying to defeat other skilled opponents before they take you out. Say hi to this awesome Multiplayer iO game and take this chance to prove your excellent skills. You are recommended to prepare your skills in advance so you can deal with all the attacks of the opponents. ...

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Gameofbombs.com puts you in a large-scale map filled with skilled Bombermen! Are you ready to drop your bombs and blow up all opponents? Prepare your skills in advance and start this challenge now! In this Multiplayer iO game online, you have to move around the map, plant your bombs nearby the enemies in order to kill them before they bomb ...

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If you want to become a football star, or just simply test your football-playing skill, then join Fute.io right now to suit your desire! This is a great Multiplayer football game online where you will play against lots of players from around the world. This is a good chance for you to prove your skills and show that what you’ve ...

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