Instructions: Use the arrow keys or WASD to control your character. Press key W to drop some mass.

Home » Games » is one of the best iO games online setting in magnificent space filled with opponents from around the world. Once spawning into the game, you play as a moon wandering around space in order to absorb lots of rivals. The more you consume, the larger you are! Make sure you prepare your tactics and skills in advance so that you can deal with the enemies more easily. The great way for getting bigger in the short while is to follow some larger players since they will drop some mass, and you can consume some to develop your size faster rather than absorbing the smaller orbs scattering around the map. But you need to stay watchful when stalking them! Your main objective is to become the true ace of the whole arena! Acydio features some classes for your selection, such as a tiny virus, gear, shuriken a splat or even a hexagon. Have fun, guys!

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