Instructions: Move your cell using the mouse Tap spacebar to divide your cell Key W to throw out some mass

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Play game online now to experience lots of challenges as well as get more fun! This is one of the most popular smash-hit multiplayer games that has attracted million of players all over the world long time ago, and currently, the game is still doing a good job when the number of players doesn’t get decreased much, even though there are plenty of games with “io” extension coming out these days. game mostly centers on eating other players, and this is your main objective here too! As a tiny cell at the beginnina349g, you must try your hardest to make it larger and stronger. Try to roam around the game arena, search for more cells that are smaller than you, eat them up and increase your size. On you way, you need to run away from the bigger cells controlled by the real players. If not, they will swallow you and cause your game to be over. You can eat them back if you’re larger than them! Join the game now and see how long you can last!

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