Instructions: Use WASD to control and move your animal. Press spacebar to speed up.

Home » Games » is another fun-addicting iO game online which is pretty much the same as Let’s join this awesome Multiplayer game now to prove your excellent skills. Before launching your game, you can select your favorite animal in the cube shape. When you spawn into the arena, you need to move around the map carefully in order to collect some apples, eat them up for your evolution. The more you eat, the bigger you are. Those apples will develop your size and give you a higher chance for your survival. However, you should stay watchful for the mushrooms, if you eat them, you may die faster! Also, while roaming around the map, you need to be careful with other animals that are larger than you, or else you will get eaten, leading your game to a failure. You can go chase and eat the smaller animals if you want! Your main goal is to get 1000 points in the least amount of time possible in order to become the winner of the round.

How to play

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