Instructions: Use WASD, or arrow keys or mouse to control your archer Click left mouse button for a normal attack, right mouse button for a special attack.

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If you want to test your archery skills, you should join a new Multiplayer iO game called now! The game gives you a chance to become the best archer ever! With a powerful bow and infinite amount of arrows in your hands, you need to aim and shoot at all enemies that move around the map before they take you out. Other archers will be controlled by real players from around the globe, and they are stronger than you thought! Make sure you have your skills ready so that you can dodge their arrows in time. The game features two types of attacks, including the normal one and the special one. Using the normal attack that shoots out one arrow will help you move faster to kill your rival, but the special attack will let you deal higher damage to the enemy. Try to use them wisely to get an edge over your opponents, and attempt to survive longer!

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