Instructions: Move and fly your spaceship by using arrow keys or WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies with your mouse. Click right mouse button to activate the special abilities on your ship.

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It’s time to test your shooting skill in a great Multiplayer iO game called! Just like other iO games online, in this one, you will also be taken to wonderful space filled with various asteroids and skilled opponents from around the world. Your main task is to take control of your spaceship and wander around space in order to shoot down all opponents before they destroy you. Your ship is already equipped with various special and powerful abilities which will help you defeat the rivals more easily. Also, you need to fire the asteroids scattering around as well for more points and further awesome upgrades. Be careful! It’s easy to crash into those asteroids! So, you’d better not try to collide with them, or else your spaceship will get damaged. Try to upgrade your aircraft over time to power up yourself and survive longer in the arena. You ready? Launch this game now!

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