Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your Bacman. Click left mouse button to accelerate and set mines.

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Eating and surviving are characteristics of most of iO games online! And that’s what you are going to do in a new Multiplayer iO game named The game puts you in the shoes of a blob that is styled as a pacman, and your task is to absorb a lot of food orbs scattering around the arena. Your main objective is to get larger by eating as many orbs as possible. However, this food quest never seems so easy since there are so many opponents around you. If you stay nearby them, you may die soon! So, the biggest challenge for you is that you must dodge the larger bacmen while hunting for your food. Also, other mines will be a dangerous element to your quest! If you accidently eat one of them, you will be destroyed completely, which causes your game to come to an end. But, you can totally lay the mines if you have already gained a certain amount of mass. Laying mines will help you destroy the opponents easily! Let’s give this game a try now and see how long you can survive!

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