Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your bacterio. Click left mouse button to shoot at enemies, and right mouse button to speed up.

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It must be very fun and interesting to play as a bacterio in a fierce game arena. Join game right now to experience that challenge and conquer lots of rivals around the world. This is a unique Multiplayer iO game online that you shouldn’t miss. You take on a role of a tiny bacterio that has a great skill of shooting projectiles at the enemies to kill them in just a bit. Never underestimate your opponents because they can get an edge over you easily. You need to move around the map carefully to absorb more foods, which can increase your score faster. There are so many dangers and sudden attacks around you, and to dodge them all, you have to utilize your skills wisely, launch the projectiles to take out the enemies before they destroy you. Your main goal is to obtain the royal crown to become the real ace of the game arena!

How to play

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