Instructions: Use the mouse to move around the map, click left mouse to swing the hammer and bash the opponents.

Home » Games » is a hilarious and entertaining Multiplayer iO game where you can play as a certain celebrity. Playing this game can also be considered as a good way to release your stress or anger. So let’s join it now and take this chance to perform your skills. The game features so many avatars of celebrities, and you can choose your favorite one before spawning into the game arena. You will see that every single player is armed with a hammer, and so do you! That hammer can be used to bash the opponents and kill them instantly. Try to swing it carefully while you’re moving around the map. Aim precisely and start bashing your enemy as fast as possible when you’re close to him/her. Make sure you dodge their attacks, or else you will be killed! Also, you should attempt to pick up their coins when they die in order to get evolved and increase your mass. Wish you luck!

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