Instructions: Control your hero by using WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies with your mouse

Home » Games » is a unique Multiplayer iO game online that will keep you entertained for a while! If you love to experience something new and further tough challenges, then surely this game is a right choice for you. Just like other iO games, your main objective is to kill other enemies and try to survive longer in a fierce game arena. You will take control of your character that is already equipped with a gun, and try to move him around the map in order to aim and shoot at all enemies before they take him out. When you can’t handle all the attacks at once, you can cover your character behind some boxes. Your health can be regenerated over time if you pick up some kits and use them wisely. The main objective is to survive longer and become a real ace of the round. Are you up for this iO game? Let’s give it a shot now!

How to play

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