Instructions: Use arrow keys or WAD or ZQD to move your stickman. Press key S or down arrow key to regain HP. Click left mouse button to utilize weapon. Release a satchel charge or blow up a released satchel charge by using right mouse button.

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Have fun playing which is a wonderful and challenging Multiplayer iO game! The game is very addictive, and it will bring you a lot of tough challenges to conquer. Similar to other iO games, fighting against the opponents will be the main task in the game that you have to carry out once joining. You will take control of your stickman carefully, move him around the map in order to battle against various enemies by using a lot of strong weapons. You should choose and use them wisely to get an edge over the rivals. Also, you should prepare your strategies in advance so you can deal with other stickmen more easily. Try to dodge their attacks and always defend yourself! Your main objective is to become the best stickman ever in the whole game arena. Are you ready for this? Let’s give this game a shot now and see how long you can last!

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