Instructions: Use the mouse to control your spaceship and try to collect all fragments and other stuff around the space.

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There is an outer-space battle awaiting you ahead in which is a nice Multiplayer iO game! The game gives you a chance to meet more skilled opponents and you can play against with them. You will take on a role of an alien trying to take control of your spaceship. Make sure you move it around space in order to pick up lots of fragments of damaged planets. When you obtain a bunch of debris, you can start creating your solar system. Make sure you will defend your system from the attacks of other enemies. You can launch your attack to them, and try to kill them all for more power-ups which can be used to upgrade your base. Pick up more ores and other minerals for higher points, and remember to gather more trophies around space so that you can cover yourself from the radar of the opponents. Let’s see how long you can survive!

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