Instructions: Use the mouse to move your blob, keys WASD to move the camera, and divide your blob into two by using spacebar.

Home » Games » is considered as a new version of game! This Multiplayer game will open a wonderful 3D world filled with lots of blobs and challenges. Playing Biome3D game will also bring you a brand new awesome experience. Just like, you will also have to take control of your blob and roam around the map in order to absorb more food orbs. The more you consume, the larger you are! Always remember the principal rule of the game is that larger blobs eat smaller blobs, which means you have to run away and dodge the bigger enemies whenever you run into them, or else they will eat you up, which causes your game to be over. The most interesting point of the game is that you are able to split your mass into 2 blobs that have the same size. Use this to your advantage so you can run away or snatch up an enemy more easily. Have fun!

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