Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Shoot at enemies with your mouse.

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Are you up for another addictive Multiplayer iO game? Let’s prepare your skills and strategies to beat all tough enemies in now! There are plenty of challenges and awesome features that you can check out in this fun game. Once joining, you will take control of your own tank and wander around the map to aim and shoot at all enemies. You need to aim precisely and take them out before they kill you. If you shoot some crates, you will earn a lot of perks, and don’t forget to pick up more stars so that you can improve your tank and make it more unbeatable. When you can’t handle the attacks of enemies, you should utilize some walls to cover your tank. Make a good use of your firepower when you get larger, and try your hardest to survive until the end. Surely the game will keep you addicted! Join it now!

How to play

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