Instructions: Move your creature by using the mouse. Click left mouse button or key W to shoot. Tap spacebar to run, and key E to turn on/off auto fire.

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In, you will take on a role of a small creature trying to defeat other skilled opponents before they take you out. Say hi to this awesome Multiplayer iO game and take this chance to prove your excellent skills. You are recommended to prepare your skills in advance so you can deal with all the attacks of the opponents. Try to roam around the map carefully, aim and shoot out bullets from your mouse to get rid of the foes, and quickly absorb their dead fragments to get bigger and power up yourself. Shooting them is not the only way for destroying. You can try killing the foes by pushing them into the deadly spinning saws, or laying mines to blow them up, or even firing the shrapnel to them. Your main goal is to become the largest creature that has a beautiful crown on. Enjoy the game now and try to conquer all challenges!

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