Instructions: Use the arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Tap spacebar to release your bomb.

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It must be great and addictive to bomb opponents and blow them up! That’s what you’re going to carry out in a new Multiplayer iO game called! The game will bring you lots of excitement and fun. You take on a role of a blocky character and try to move around the large-scale arena in order to kill various opponents by placing your bombs. This iO game is pretty much the same as other classic Bomberman games, but it contains new awesome features! Try to make your way through a tricky maze, expand your pathway by breaking all the disturbing walls and blocks with your explosives, and when you’re so close to your rival, you should place your bombs and try to get him cornered so that you can explode him. Be sure to collect the power-ups, like additional bombs, faster movement speed, bomb range, and much more. Using those power-ups will give you more strength to get an edge over the rivals. In, it’s all about killed or be killed! You can’t die! Go conquer the enemies now!

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