Instructions: Use the mouse to place your buildings. Control the camera with arrow keys or WASD.

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Play another fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game called now! The game will test your strategic skills and give you a chance to play with various experienced players. You will spawn into a map and start to build up your own kingdom there. Your realm is always at risk since the enemies will try to attack it if you have no defensive plans. Make an effort to build up your powerful protective squad and make a good use of various types of buildings in order to keep your kingdom safe. Those buildings can be walls, houses, turrets, snipers, barracks, armories, and generators. You need to place them carefully around your base so that the enemies won’t be able to demolish. Always have your skills ready and use your strategies wisely to get an edge over the rivals and kill them faster! Let’s engage in this iO game now and prove your skills! Wish you luck!

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