Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Aim with the mouse, and click left mouse button or spacebar to attack.

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Say hi to a new awesome Multiplayer iO game named! All characters and other stuff in the game are styled as Minecraft, which gives you more excitement. There are various characters featured in the game, such as warrior, doctor, shinobi, warlock, basher, necromancer, and bomber. You can select your preferred one before launching your battle. Each of them has their own unique abilities which can be utilized to destroy the enemies. You need to control your character carefully, and try to roam around the map skillfully in order to fight off the foes. There are plenty of coins scattering around, so make sure you pick them up and use them to unlock further powerful weapons as well as new stuff. Your main objective is to take over the outposts of enemies while trying to defend yours. Try to use your skills and strategies wisely, survive longer and become a real ace of the arena.

How to play

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