Instructions: Use the mouse to move your block. Rotate it with key A/D. Use key W for shooting, and spacebar to accelerate.

Home » Games » is a game like Tetris but with new various features. This is known as an amazing Multiplayer iO game online that keeps you entertained once joining. The game sets in a world filled with a bunch of shapes that have different masses. You take control of your small block and move it around the map in order to hunt for more other blocks. Make sure you absorb them and attach them to you main block so that you can develop your size and gain more mass. The most awesome point of the game is that you can totally rotate the blocks just like what you did in the classic Tetris game. When you bump into an enemy, you can kill him/her by shooting out the small blocks, which reduces the mass of your main block a bit. You aim to become the biggest blockor on the whole leaderboard! Let’s give it a try now!

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