Instructions: Move your bomberman by using keys WASD. Release your bombs with spacebar.

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Just like other classic Bomberman games, in, you’re going to become an excellent Bomberman that kills all enemies by placing various deadly explosives. Say hi to this awesome Multiplayer game online and start proving your bombing skills now! You are equipped with the infinite number of bombs, so you must use them wisely to destroy the foes. The first thing you have to do is to break some walls that hamper your way by placing your bombs. After breaking them, you should pick up the power-ups that help boost your strength and give you an edge over the opponents. When your pathway is expanded, you should get closer to your rival, then, quickly corner him with your bombs. Doing so will help you block his way and kill him faster. Your main objective is to survive longer and try to become the best bomberman ever! Are you up for this? Enjoy the game now!

How to play

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