Instructions: Control your human or zombie by using arrow keys or WASD.

Home » Games » is an amazing Multiplayer iO game giving you two choices, being a bloodthirsty zombie or a human! It’s up to you to decide what to be in this fun game online. Each of roles has its own mission! If you decide to become a zombie, your main task is to tag as many humans as possible by infecting them. When they are turned into zombies, they will join your team and help you go kill other humans. Keep doing so until your team outnumbers the opponent team, which brings you a higher chance to touch a glory when time is up. But if you play as a human, you should run away from the hordes of zombies and make sure you won’t get infected by them. Try to find lots of shelters around the map in order to cover up yourself, and attempt to the block the way of those zombies. Go team up with your friends cleverly to become a winning team! Have fun!

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