Instructions: The mouse is used for directing your car and releasing your flail.

Home » Games » opens a fierce battle for you to play with a lot of skilled enemies from around the world. This is another awesome iO game online that will keep you glued for hours. You have a car with a strong flail behind, and you must direct it carefully around the playfield to battle against the foes and kill them all. The flail of your car plays an important role here, and it will be used as the main weapon to slay the opponents. You have to drive and get closer to a certain enemy, carefully swing your flail, ten throw it at that enemy faster. He will die instantly if you attack him that way. Or, you can totally crush them, surprisingly attack them and make them unable to escape your strikes. This is such a brutal battle which is totally true to the game title. Your main objectives are surviving and climbing the leaderboard. Good luck!

How to play

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