Instructions: Your ball can be rotated and directed by your mouse. You can speed it up by using spacebar or left mouse button.

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Play online and challenge your skills now! In this awesome Multiplayer iO game, your main task is to control the ball carefully and let it pull all the foes out of the playfield before you get pushed out. The more enemies you kill, the higher level you can reach, and gradually you will surely get the top of the leaderboard to take a lead. You have a simple gold here, just try to survive longer and become the best player of the round. Try to dodge the attacks of the enemies, keep pushing them faster, and get an edge over them. Be sure you solve every single challenge in a careful way if you are an ambitious player that wants to become the King! Any slight mistakes or any collision happens will be your final bump. Alright, let’s give this iO game a try now and see how long will you stay alive!

How to play

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