Instructions: Move with the mouse and drop the counter with left mouse button

Home » Games » is a Multiplayer Strategy game online featuring several game modes and three basic level difficulties. You can choose your favorite ones then start your challenges. You see that there is a white board on the screen, and your main task is to drop the counter carefully in order to connect four tiles vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This is a turn-based game, so you must make use of your turns to block the movements of your rival and never let him block yours. Also, you should use your strategies and think harder before dropping the counter. Any slight mistake can make you a loser, so you must stay focused on the game, take the upper hand on the opponent and attempt to become the ultimate winner of the round. Just feel free to show off your strategic skills and see how many rounds you can win. Are you ready? Let’s begin the game now!

How to play

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