Instructions: The car can be controlled through the mouse. Speed it up by using spacebar or left mouse button.

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Prove that you are an excellent driver and fighter in – a popular and awesome Multiplayer iO game online! Once you spawn into the game arena, you will have to direct your car around the map and attempt to kill a lot of pedestrian as well as other opponent cars controlled by the real players. You have to move carefully, stay focused on the battle so that you can launch your accurate attacks to the opponents, killing them instantly. When you are close to a higher-level player, make sure you stay away from him or get out of his sight immediately if you want to survive longer. He will kill you as soon as he sees you! Always leave your car protected and don’t forget to go kill the lower level players for boosting your strength. Do not collide with any buildings, or else your game will be over. You can speed up your car to chase the enemies or run away from them. Good luck!

How to play

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