Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your character. Shoot down the foes with the left mouse button, and tap spacebar or the right mouse button to accelerate.

Home » Games » is a great Multiplayer game that you can play online for free and add to your favorite iO game list. The game has the similar gameplay to, but it brings different features. You will have to direct your small character and go swallow a lot of stars around the playfield in order to become larger through over time. Eating the smaller players will help you increase your mass more quickly. So, don’t be hesitant to eat them when you get a chance. Also, you can shoot at their projectile which causes them to be unable to move, then they will be changed into your food. When you get larger from eating, you will have to move at a slower speed, and this is very dangerous since you can’t run away from the foes faster. So, you have to defend yourself all the time and survive longer! See if you can dominate the arena or not!

How to play

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