Instructions: Utilize some tools, fill the blocks with color and make your own stuff by using the mouse only.

Home » Games » takes you to pixel world where you can create anything you like by using a bunch of pixels. This is a fun iO-styled Multiplayer game that you shouldn’t miss. In the game, you can choose your favorite color then start making your own stuff with the assistance of some tools. Try to click carefully, use your picked color to fill the blocks and keep doing so until you complete your work. You are able to make any objects you want, so feel free to show off your talent because creativity never gets restricted in the game. You need to remember that other enemies can destroy your stuff, so you should leave it protected all the time. When you’re fed up with the creating thing, you can move around the map and find other opponents’ works then go run them. The game surely keeps you addicted! Let’s join it now to experience all!

How to play

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