Instructions: Direct your snake by using left/right arrow keys.

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Play as a snake-like creature in an amazing iO game! Just like other Multiplayer browser-based games, you will meet a lot of players and fight against them for the top of the leaderboard. You start your mission by directing your snake around the playfield and try to get it through all dangers. Your snake is unstoppable, and you have to turn it left or right properly so it won’t crash into any things, like trails, bodies or even other enemies. If you have a body collision, your game will be over immediately. To boost the strength of your snake, some power-ups around the map may help you a lot. So feel free to pick them up and use them wisely to be more unbeatable and stronger. Your main objective is surviving longer! Then you can take the dominance and become the king of the whole arena. Start the game now and hope you have fun with it!

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