Instructions: Your tank is controlled using the right mouse button, while the left mouse button is used for shooting at enemies.

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Join online and play with your teammates now! This Multiplayer game opens a tough battle between your team and the opponents. Have your skills and tactics ready to take them out and rule the whole arena. With a strong tank that has up to 100 HP and plenty of ammo, you must use those elements to your advantage and try to bring the enemies down before it’s too late. Aim and shoot down the opponent tanks accurately, and each of shot you launch will help you deal 20 damage to the enemies. Attempt to shoot 5 times consecutively so that you can get rid of the rival tank. While battling, you must defend your tank all the time since the enemies will try to attack you. No need to worry about your tank health and ammo, there are some extra health and ammo packs that can be collected. So, feel free to grab them as much as you can to regenerate your power. Play the game now and see if you can survive longer or not!

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