Instructions: Control your creature by using the mouse, and speed it up with spacebar.

Home » Games » puts you in a huge ocean where surviving is the only goal that everybody aims. Say hi to this awesome browser-based iO game and try to conquer all its challenge. You play as a little creature trying to increase your food chain to the top and become the strongest one of all. To do so, you must eat up other smaller creatures while trying to avoid the larger ones that are controlled by real players. Just like game, eating food is a crucial task so you have to carry it carefully for your evolution. The more you eat, the more mass you can earn. Try to make your XP bar full and then you can change into a brand new creature which is stronger and more powerful. Defending yourself from the enemies is a must if you want to survive longer! Let’s jump in the game now and try your hardest to become the king of the ocean.

How to play

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