Instructions: Move your tank by using keys WASD or arrow keys. The left mouse button is used for shooting at enemies.

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Survive all the attacks of enemies and become the best tank ever in a fun browser-based iO game called! As a tank controller, you must show off all skills and tactics you have so you can defeat the enemy tanks properly and take a chance to rule the whole game arena. Move around the map cleverly, aim and shoot down all foes as soon as you see them. Defend your tank at all cost and make sure you upgrade some stats to boost your strength, like turrets, health, ammo and so forth. Once they are improved, you will become a stronger tank that is unbeatable. Your tank can be changed into a super power one only if you earn a lot of points. Your main objective is to stay alive as long as possible. Also, be sure that you gain an access to all classes of your tank. You ready? Launch the game now!

How to play

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