Instructions: Use arrow keys or keys WASD to direct your ship. Tap spacebar or left mouse button to shoot at opponents.

Home » Games » is an addictive iO game that takes you to a battlefield filled with ships and opponents. Be prepared for a tough combat in the game! You have to maneuver your ship around the map to take out all enemies as you try to elude their deadly assaults. With your powerful cannons equipped on your ship, you must launch them carefully and use them wisely to survive in this fierce battle. Also, you can power up yourself by collecting plenty of orbs dispersing around the map. They will get you stronger and have more power to defeat the rivals. The most interesting point of the game is that you will receive a lot of gold from killing the enemies. The earned gold can be utilized to buy new upgrades and more weapons. Always leave your ship well protected and attempt to survive as long as possible. Are you ready? Try the game right now!

Video Demo

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