Instructions: Use the mouse to move your character, and shoot at foes by using the left mouse button.

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If you have a good dodging skill, then feel free to prove it to other opponents in game now! This is a great browser-based Multiplayer game that is pretty much similar to in some points, but still, it has its own unique features and challenges. The game lets you play as a blob whose mission is to pick a lot of balls around the map to aim and throw at the enemies. Make sure you perform precise shots and take out the foes as fast as possible. But you must know that they will do the same to you, so you’re supposed to avoid their balls and keep your character well protected all the time. If you touch the balls thrown by the foes, your game will be over immediately. Try to earn more points and rank up on the scoreboard. Can you survive longer and obtain your goal? Enjoy the game now!

Video Demo

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