Instructions: The mouse is used for controlling. Drop some mass with key W and use the power-ups with key E.

Home » Games » promises to become another interesting and exciting Multiplayer iO game. Feel free to join it now and show off your skills. You play as a tiny character trying to search for more orbs and then go eat them up for growing your size. But you must defend your character all the time, especially when you’re still small like that because other bigger enemies will try to swallow you anytime they have a chance. Do not let them do that to you, or else you will be eliminated! There are several useful power-ups that assist you in killing the foes. Just snatch them up for yourself and make use of them for your survival. The game features a team mode, and if you want to play this, you should work with your friends to take out the rival team more quickly and efficiently. Join the game now and see if you can win the round or not!

How to play

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