Instructions: Move around the map by using keys WASD. Tap spacebar to drop a bomb.

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Get ready to destroy a lot of things and opponents in which is a fun Multiplayer iO game! Your main task in this fierce game is to make other enemies blow up by planting your bombs nearby them. To do so, you have to move around the map cleverly, get closer to the foes from behind and instantly release your bombs to take them out as fast as possible. A good tactic is when the enemy is cornered and trapped by your bombs. They won’t be able to make an escape if you get them stuck like that. So, you are recommended to follow this tactic and try to defend yourself all the time. Don’t forget to collect some power-ups because they will assist you a lot in destroying the foes. Your main goal is to become the best player of all and try to dominate the playfield. Wish you luck!

Video Demo

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