Instructions: Move with keys WASD or arrow keys. Press key Ctrl or click left mouse for shooting, and open the shop with right mouse button. Change your weapons by using the mouse wheel scroll.

Home » Games » is a good Multiplayer game that lets you get rid of plenty of enemies by using your powerful weapons. They are real players from around the world, and you must kill them as much as you can for the highest spot on the leaderboard. With various weapons in your hands, you should use them to your advantage and let them help you take out the foes more efficiently. Your territory is very important and if it gets attacked by the enemies, your game will be over. Hence, you must create a protective system for your realm with the addition of many things such as walls, turrets or squad of zombies. Your territory will be completely safe if you have those defensive elements available. Don’t forget to utilize your tactics when coping with the foes. How long will you survive? Jump in the game, play it now and get your answer! Good luck!

How to play

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