Instructions: Arrow keys or keys WASD are used for directing your orb. Shoot at the enemies by using the mouse.

Home » Games » is another browser-based Multiplayer game that allows you to freely explore space while trying to defend yourself from other real opponents coming from around the world. You take on a role of an orb that is in the quest of foods to get larger and stronger. To do so, you need to move around the map and swallow as many foods as possible. It’s inevitable to come across the enemies, and when you do, you must try to shoot them down faster before they destroy you. But you can’t deal with the bigger enemies if you keep staying small like that. So, getting evolved is a must! Try to level up more quickly and go buy new weapons or upgrades to increase your power. Your score is a crucial element that affects your rank on the leaderboard. If you have the highest score of all, you will get to the top spot on that board.

Video Demo

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