Instructions: Direct your character by using the mouse only.

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Surely you will get addicted once playing a new iO game called! The game is also a good chance for you to meet and play with new opponents. You are taken to a map where there lots of skulls that move around and never stop. To survive longer, you have to dodge those skulls and never let them touch you, or else you have to restart your game. Eluding the skulls is so fun, and one more thing is that the game totally tests your dodging skill as well as your reflexes. Everything must be done fast and carefully. Also, you have to collect a lot of stars and increase your score so you can move at a faster speed. Make sure you direct your character cleverly while you’re at a fast speed because there are always two results, you can successfully run away from the skulls, or accidently crash into them. If the collision happens, you will die! Hence, you need to practice your skills more until you master the game. Good luck!

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