Instructions: Use the mouse to move and control. Press arrow keys or WASD to scroll the camera.

Home » Games » is an addictive and amazing Multiplayer Strategy game online that you should join to perform your skills and experience lots of tough challenges. At first, you are equipped with a small base and a little bit money. Your main objective is to gradually extend your small base, and try to create a lot of bases on the map. Also, you need to secure your bases by putting and building up a powerful defensive system so that you can protect them from the attacks of the enemies. Some weapons you can place are turrets, rocks and much more. Don’t forget to earn more cash and spend them on purchasing more upgrades for your base. Your main goal is to become the true ace of the whole arena. Make sure you use your tactics and prepare your strategies in advance! Don’t let the enemies take the upper hand! Are you up for this? Enjoy the game now!

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