Instructions: Direct your ship with the mouse. Click left mouse button for shooting, and right mouse button for accelerating.

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Force Ship

Force Ship is a new awesome Multiplayer game giving you a lot of tough challenges and fierce battles. If you want to battle against other players in unique space, then this one is a right choice for you. Once joining, you will take control of a spaceship and roam around space in order to shoot down all other opponents. Another way for killing them is that you can crash against them! Doing so will make the enemies collide against the asteroids, or even the edges of the arena, killing them in process. But you must remember that the enemies will do the same to you! That means you have to protect your spaceship all the time, and dodge the attacks of the enemies quickly. Try to perform your skills and get an edge over the foes. Sometimes you can make a speed boost to chase down the enemies or run away from them. See how long you can last!

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