Instructions: Use keys WASD to move, and release your bomb with spacebar.

Home » Games » puts you in a large-scale map filled with skilled Bombermen! Are you ready to drop your bombs and blow up all opponents? Prepare your skills in advance and start this challenge now! In this Multiplayer iO game online, you have to move around the map, plant your bombs nearby the enemies in order to kill them before they bomb you. But, you need to expand your way first by breaking some disturbing walls, then collect the power-ups from those collapsed walls to boost your strength. When you’re close to an enemy, you should drop the bombs to corner him and make him unable to escape. If you don’t feel like battling, then go find a hidden corner to cover up yourself! It doesn’t matter if you go kill people or not, as long as you are the last one that survives at the end of the game, then you’re an ultimate winner! By any means, you must survive! Start the game now! Have fun!

How to play

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