Instructions: Use the mouse, WASD or arrow keys for moving around. Deselect with spacebar, clear up the queued moves with key Q and cancel the previous move with key E.

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You will surely get addicted to a fun Strategy iO game called! The game is all about protecting your base and earning more territories from various skilled players. Preparing your strategies and some skills in advance is a must since you’re going to use them a lot in the game, and they will help you get an edge over the foes easily. You are supposed to believe in your tactics and stay focused on the battle. Try your hardest to keep all surrounding blocks upgraded over time so that they can protect your base from the incoming assaults of the foes. The game features some options, and you can choose one when fighting. Your main goal is to take over more territories of enemies and become the last man standing. This is going to be a slashing battle! But you should keep trying more to defeat all enemies! Are you up for this? Enjoy the game now!

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