Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Aim and shoot with the mouse!

Home » Games » is nice and awesome Multiplayer game that you should try! When you spawn into the game arena, you will see that there are various circles floating around the map, and you need to jump from this one to another one as you try to shoot down all wicked enemies. With the gravity, you can totally land on the other side of the circle easily. But, this is not easy since you may have some troubles with the direction you’re aiming to, which makes it hard for you to aim and shoot at enemies precisely. That’s why you should practice your skills until you become proficient. Try your hardest to kill as many enemies as possible and earn a higher point so that you can reach the highest rank on the leaderboard. You can die many times, but that doesn’t matter at all! The Respawn button will pop up and bring you into another fight after a bit. Wish you luck!

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