Instructions: Use keys WASD for moving your character. Aim and shoot with left mouse button, and use the mouse wheel to change your weapons. Press key E to improve your gun, and press key Shift for running.

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If you think you are an excellent gunslinger, then feel free to prove yourself to the whole world in a nice Multiplayer game called! The game is attracting lots of players from around the world. Hurry up to join it now to experience lots of challenges. There is a little difference in the game, instead of chasing other players like you did in other previous shooting games, now, you must tempt them or force them to follow you, then when they do, you quickly take that chance to shoot backwards! Moving backward can give you an edge over the opponents. It will make their bullets unable to attack you, while you can launch your attack to them more easily. You are equipped with various weapons, so you have to use them wisely, and try to keep them upgraded when you make a progress in order to bring you more strength. See if you can become the last man standing or not!

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