Instructions: Use the mouse to control, assault and protect your base. Use keys WASD to scroll the camera.

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Conquer all tough challenges in now! This is a unique and fun-addicting Strategy game online where you play against lots of opponents from around the globe. You are given a tiny home base, and you must try your hardest to expand it by vanquishing various adjoining lands. This is not an easy task at all since your base can be attacked by other intruders easily if you don’t defend it carefully. Therefore, one more thing you must do is to place some towers around your base and let them protect it in case your territory is under attack. Keep building them and upgrading them over time! As soon as you develop your realm, your unit will be greatly extended, which brings you a better protection. Also, you need to go collect some resources and supplies in order to boost the strength of your towers. The main goal is to survive longer and become the best player of all!

How to play

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