Instructions: Use the mouse for the movement. Click left mouse button or key Q to hook enemies, use right mouse button or key W to use the shield, keys 1234 to choose class.

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Play to perform your skills and meet more players from various countries now! This is a great and highly addictive Multiplayer game online where you have to use your skills to hook the enemies and try your hardest to take their energy. This task should be done in a fast and careful way because the foes are too skilled, and they can fight you back or destroy you easily if you stay unaware. To beat them more quickly, you should prepare some nice combos and your strategies in advance. Also, you should make a good use of your classes, Purple class, Green class, Blue class, or Red class, activate your shield, or even teleport into the pack of people more quickly. The exit tactic is very important too because it will help you make a fast escape when you can’t handle the tough situation or when you’re in danger. Try your hardest to survive longer and dominate the whole arena!

How to play

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